This is where I list musical works I have performed and recordings. 
College Freshman Year
  • A Walk in the Woods- Jiro Censhu

  • Beautiful Colorado- Joseph De Luca

College Sophomore Year
  • Mazurka- Nicolas Falcone

  • Etude No. 32- H.W. Tyrell

  • Scene de Concert- Max Denmark

  • Euphonium Concerto mvts. I, II - Joseph Horovitz

College Junior Year

  • Sonata per il Flauto traverso solo senza Basso, movement II poco adagio- C.F.E. Bach

  • Variations for Ophicleide- Gotthelf Heinrich Kummer

  • Firecracker- Connor Reichenbach

College Senior Year

  • The Girl with the Flaxen Hair- Debussy arr. Howard Snell

  • Fantasia for Euphonium- Gordon Jacob

  • Sonata no. 5- Johann Ernst Galliard

  • Aubade- Philip Sparke

  • Larghetto and Allegro- G.F. Handel

  • Four- Miles Davis

  • Air and Bourreé-  Bach